Water Day, Water Week is Every Day, Every Week

Last week, we published several articles about water-related issues as part of Water Week, leading up to World Water Day, Saturday March 22. Apparently, my request to our Justmeans staff writers for these articles opened the informational floodgates: they are still filling my inbox. So we are still publishing stories on water, the challenges and the solutions. R.P. Siegel gives an overview of just how global this response is, including an innovative Twitter campaign coordinated by the Global Environment & Technology Foundation to “toast” water. Reynard Loki interviews directors at Xylem Watermark and Mercy Corps about their water-related disaster relief efforts. And Sangeeta Haindl summarizes the World Economic Forum’s risk report, which lists water as the third most important global concern. These articles are also a reminder that thousands of people around the world get up every day and go to work on solutions to our water problems. Every day, every week is indeed, a water day and a water week.

John Howell, Editorial Director