More Water Week News: Creative Solutions to Knotty Problems

This week, we're publishing several stories by our Justmeans staff writers about solutions to global water problems, leading up to World Water Day this Saturday. In these articles, innovative ideas are as abundant as our water supply is scarce. Gina-Marie Cheeseman describes how a MIT researcher is developing a monolayer film made from material extracted from vegetable oil to reduce evaporation in reservoirs. Sangeeta Haindl outlines a collaboration between Planet Water and Children International for "acqua towers" that operate without power or chemicals. Antonio Pasolini writes about Pure Water for the World, an NGO, that works with Triple Quest to distribute a biosand water filter. In these stories, and many others like them that we publish year-round, are reminders that there are creative responses to the knotty problems of water access, safety, and conservation. 

John Howell, Editorial Director