From Values to Practice: Ceres Gathers Corporations, Investors, and Stakeholders to Advance Sustainability

I’m just back from the annual Ceres conference, held last week in Boston. There were several reasons to celebrate: the organization’s 25th anniversary, its “Clean Trillion” initiative, and a new report, Gaining Ground, compiled in collaboration with Sustainalytics, a research firm, that updated progress on the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability. But the most impressive aspect was the gathering itself of quality investment institutions, corporations, and nonprofits that Ceres engages, underlined by its largest ever conference attendance—650 sustainability professionals. These were select representatives of the thousands of people around the world who get up every day and do the hard work of putting sustainability values into business practice. They shared many good ideas and experiences. We’ll be reporting on them in detail in upcoming interviews and articles. Meanwhile, read more about the event here.

John Howell, Editorial Director