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Rebooting The Earth

By Nicola Acutt, Vice President of Sustainability Strategy, VMware

VMware is on a mission to ensure a net positive effect across our products, people and planet. This Earth Day, we are taking action to inspire a ripple effect through our collective impact. For every employee that pledges to take sustainability-related actions at home or at work, VMware will plant a tree on their behalf through Restore the Earth (REF) Foundation.

But why is a digital transformation company that puts data in the cloud, also putting trees in the ground?

Protecting Our Business While Safeguarding Forests

Press Release

DALLAS, February 15, 2017, /3BL Media/ – As one of the world’s largest buyers of market pulp, Kimberly-Clark knows that protecting forests is critical to addressing climate change, conserving terrestrial biodiversity and ensuring a resilient, healthy supply chain, so sustaining this natural resource through responsible forestry is just one of the ways we care for the planet.

The Emergence of Natural Capital Consciousness


Margie Flynn and Mark Miller from Brown Flynn talk about the importance of natural capital in a piece for GreenBiz. The authors use TD Bank Group's natural capital work as an example of how companies can use it to assess the impact of their environmental work—hoping to encourage businesses to embed natural capital valuation into their business decisions.

FCA US Prioritizes Wetlands Preservation at North American Headquarters


Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day – a day honoring a global treaty to conserve and sustain wetlands. So, what does that have to do with an automotive company?

The FCA US headquarters in Michigan boasts more than 100-acres of natural wetlands, and has since breaking ground 25 years ago.

New Product Category Rule Developed for Roundwood and Pulp/Paper

SCS and Environmental Paper Network Developed New PCR for Wood and Paper
Press Release

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jan 26, 2017 /3BL Media/ – An innovative Product Category Rule (PCR) specifying rules for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) focused on wood and paper has been developed by the North American Environmental Paper Network (EPN), an independent not-for-profit coalition with diverse expertise in forest and paper sustainability issues, and SCS Global Services (SCS), a leader in third-party environmental certification, auditing and standards development.

Green Mountain Employees Dig in to Do Good


Trees are good for a number of reasons. We know they are good for the environment by reducing air pollution and help us breathe by providing oxygen, but did you also know they help reduce urban heat, water, noise and light pollution? They also serve as a home to wildlife, reduce commuter stress, increase property values and enhance a city’s beauty.

Trees provide so much value, especially to urban areas, so Green Mountain Energy is partnering with Trees For Houston to give back 500 trees to the Houston area.

Recycling: Opportunities & Challenges

By: Michael McManus

Simply put, recycling is a win-win industry. It takes products or commodities which have been previously used and turns them into something new, like plastic, or the same exact thing as it was before, like paper. 

I recently spoke at the Recycle Confex in Dubai, where industry professionals from around the world over came together to discuss the present and future of recycling.

Keep Indian River Beautiful's Captain Forster's Preserve Restoration Project


The 100-acre Captain Forster Hammock Preserve in Vero Beach, Florida, is one of only a few corridors that connect estuary habitat along the Indian River Lagoon to the ocean, continuing through all of the natural phases of estuary, dune and coastal habitat.

Can Paper Be Eco-friendly? This Label Says Yes


Forests are key to the survival of human, animal, and plant life around the world. According to the United Nations Climate Summit’s Declaration on Forests, forests support approximately 80 percent of the planet’s biodiversity, helping provide clean air and combatting climate change by absorbing carbon in the atmosphere.


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